At Lyricisle   
January: Jan 24 - ... We started our show year off by entering our “Hopefuls”  ... Hansel  Lyricisle’s Pathfinder & Hunter Lyricisle’s  Orion The Hunter at the Fun Match In Moncton, N.B.  We had a great time with Hansel  winning Best In Match from the 3-6 month class ... Hunter was reserve to Hansel.
April: Apr 17/21 - With it still snowing here in April ... it was a welcome break when we were able to accept an invitation to judge at the Bermuda Dog Shows ... such a beautiful place with warm weather and no snow ...
May: We have 2 exciting breedings happening this month ... more details to follow when pregnancies are confirmed. May 9/10 - This weekend we went to the Dartmouth N.S. shows ... Hansel  Ch Lyricisle’s Pathfinder won BW in the Saturday shows to finish his Championship ... in the Sunday show he won the breed and a Group 3rd and Hunter was Select May 2/3 - In the 1st show at the Moncton N.B. shows ... Hunter Ch Lyricisle’s Orion The Hunter won a Group 4th and BPIG to finish his Championship. In the 2nd show Hunter (now moved to Specials) won the breed and Hansel  Ch Lyricisle’s Pathfinder won BW for his first 2 pts ... Hansel would repeat this in the next 2 shows and left Moncton with 6 pts towards his Championship. Hunter also won a Group 3rd in the 3rd show and Select in the 4th.
February: Besides shoveling snow (which seemed like everyday in February) and watching our 4 ft fence disappear from our back yard ...   ... we attended the NBKC Match where Hansel  Lyricisle’s Pathfinder once again won the breed and a Group 2nd ... Hunter was reserve to Hansel again.
March: Mar 28 - Hansel  Lyricisle’s Pathfinder & Hunter Lyricisle’s Orion The Hunter  went to their first “real” show in Truro N.S. where they had a terrific time ... Hunter won the breed and two Group 2nds from the classes ... he left with a total of 10 pts from 2 judges needing only one more win under another judge to finish his Championship ... Hansel was Reserve to Hunter in both shows ... Mar 4 - Ruby MBPIS BPISS Ch Lyricisle’s Ruby Red Dress had a beautiful litter today sired by ... Tristan GCh Lyricisle’s Legends Of The Fall ... 3 Boys and 2 Girls ... all are making their mom proud and keeping us busy ...
June: June13/14 - We had a great weekend at the Oromocto, N.B. shows with Hansel  Ch Lyricisle’s Pathfinder and Hunter Ch Lyricisle’s Orion The Hunter ...                        Hunter won a Group 2nd & 4th, 3 BPIG, and 1 Select ... Hansel won a Group 3rd, a BPIG, and 2 Selects.
Hunter 11 months Hansel 10 months
July: July 24 - Today ... Cassie MBPIS BPISS Ch Lyricisle’s Cassiopeia delivered a exciting litter of 2 boys and 3 girls ... these puppies are sired by Tristan GCh Lyricisle’s Legends Of The Fall. Cassie is being a great Mother ... she loves her babies ... July 15 - We are happy to announce that Amelia MBPIS BBPISS GCh Lyricisle’s Without A Trace had a beautiful litter of 3 boys and 2 girls born today ... these puppies are sired by “Gunner” Ch Shelhaven Remington. Mother and babies are all doing great ... Amelia is so proud of her new babies ...
August: Aug 14/17 - At the NBKC shows in Grand Bay N.B. ... Hunter GCh Lyricisle’s Orion The Hunter won BOB 5 out of 6 shows and was awarded 2 Group 2nds and 2 Group 3rds. This youngster was a year old in June and is looking great and accumulating points toward his Grand Championship. Our puppies born in July are all doing great ... looks like we will have a “hopeful” or two to grow out.
September: Puppies are off to their new homes this month ... all are adjusting fine. Juicy BBPIG Lyricisle’s Juicy Couture is still looking promising so she will be staying with us for awhile.
October: Oct 10/11 - We took in the Cobequid Dog Shows in Truro, N.S. with  Ruby MBPIS BPISS Ch Lyricisle’s Ruby Red Dress and Hunter GCh Lyricisle’s Orion The Hunter. Ruby hadn’t been shown for 3 years and surprised us all with an outstanding performance ... she was awarded a Group 2nd and a Select. Hunter was BOS to Ruby and also won Select. We were very pleased with the performance of our “Special” kids. Oct 24/25 - Next we went to the Island Dog Club shows in Charlottetown, PEI. Ruby was awarded a Group 2nd and 3 BOS. Hunter won a Group 2nd, 1 BOS, and 2 Select. Juicy BBPIG Lyricisle’s Juicy Couture won 2 BBPIG and 4 BBPIB ... she loves the whole show scene ... we had a great time with the 3 of them. Also this weekend, Hunter finished his Grand Championship requirements ...
Nov/Dec: Our Show Season has ended for the year in the Maritimes. We have two exciting breedings in the works ... see the “Puppies” page for info on these litters that should be born mid/end of February. Juicy BBPIG Lyricisle’s Juicy Couture continues to show promise.