At Lyricisle   
March: March 22/23 - We took Amelia MBPIS BBPISS GCh Lyricisle’s Without A Trace and Tristan Lyricisle’s Legends Of The Fall to the Cobequid Dog shows in Truro, N.S. ... also, The MG7 Specialty was there that weekend as well. Amelia won Select at both Cobequid Shows and also at the MG7 Specialty ... she also won the Puppy Sweeps at the MG7 Specialty.   Tristan GCh Lyricisle’s Legends Of The Fall  still only a baby ... did great ... he won BBPIG at both Cobequid Shows and BBPISS at the MG7 Specialty. We’re looking forward to a fun show season with him this year.                                         
Jan/Feb: Tristan GCh Lyricisle’s Legends Of The Fall is our latest hopeful ... born Nov 2, 2013 ... we took him to a couple of Fun Matches during the winter and he did extremely well ... winning a Group 1st at one of these.
April: During this month ... Jolene MBPIG Ch Lyricisle’s Double Dare, was bred to Jake Ch Lyricisle's Avatar - also in April, Sara Ch Lyricisle’s Kiss The Boys, was bred to Corbin Am/Can Ch Laureate Double Exposure ... hopefully both of these girls will have babies mid-June. See pictures on our “Puppy” page
May: May 10/11 - Amelia MBPIS BBPISS GCh Lyricisle’s Without A Trace had another  terrific weekend at the Dartmouth N.S. shows ... she won a Group 1st, Group 2nd, and a Group 3rd. May 3/4 - Tristan GChLyricisle’s Legends Of The Fall attended his first show where he was eligible to compete for points ... at just 6 months of age ... he won WM 4 times, BW once, a BPIG ... to end up with 8 points toward his Canadian Championship ... he showed like a real star ... also at these shows Amelia MBPIS BBPISS GCh Lyricisle’s Without A Trace won Select 3 times and a BOS.
June: June 25 - Sara’s puppies have arrived!!! ... Sara Ch Lyricisle’s Kiss The Boys delivered 4 Beautiful babies today ... 2 Girls and 2 Boys ... these puppies are sired by Corbin Am/Can Ch Laureate Double Exposure... all are healthy and content babies. We’re looking forward to watching these 2 litters grow and develop and finally get to play together. June 20 - Puppies have arrived!!! ... Jolene MBPIG Ch Lyricisle’s Double Dare delivered 3 Beautiful babies today ... 2 Girls and a Boy ... these puppies are sired by Jake Ch Lyricisle's Avatar ... all are doing GREAT. June 18 - A new member to our Family arrived today ... after over 40 years with a  Siamese cat in our household ... we couldn’t resist this sweetie joining our clan ... Tia Maria  ... quickly made it known that she is the ‘The New Kennel Manager’ here and all the Shelties and Cresteds have said “Okay Boss ... Welcome” ... June 14/15 - We went to the shows in Oromocto, N.B. where Tristan GCh Lyricisle’s Legends Of The Fall had a great weekend ... in the first show he won WM to finish his Canadian Championship at just 7 1/2 months. Before the weekend was over he won 2 BOS and a very nice Best Of Breed with 10 Shelties entered, and he accumulated 7 points toward his Grand Championship ... Also at these shows, Amelia MBPIS BBPISS GCh Lyricisle’s Without A Trace who was only shown on Sunday won BOS to Tristan in the last show. ... All in all ... a FUN weekend ...
July: July 31 - ... Ruby MBPIS BPISS Ch Lyricisle’s Ruby Red Dress had a fabulous litter today sired by ... Corbin  Am/Can Ch Laureate Double Exposure ... she had 1 BOY and 7 GIRLS ... she delivered all 8 puppies in just 2 hours with no problems at all ... all are healthy and content babies.
August: August 30/31 - ... We entered Tristan GCh Lyricisle’s Legends Of The Fall in the  Halifax N.S. shows and he won Best of Breed,  2 BPIG, and another Group placement. PLUS!!! he has now earned his Grand Championship title. We’re very proud of our boy who is such a fun loving puppy ... he has done all of this at the tender age of 9 months. August 15/18 - ... After a 9 week break from the show ring because of puppies and judging, we were excited to have Tristan GCh Lyricisle’s Legends Of The Fall back on the “Show Scene” ... at the NBKC set of shows he won 6 Best of Breeds, 6 BPIG, and 2 Group placements.
@ 9 weeks
September: Ruby’s MBPIS BPISS Ch Lyricisle’s Ruby Red Dress 8 puppies kept us busy all month ... Hunter Lyricisle’s Orion The Hunter is one of our new “Hopefuls” from our Sara’s  Ch Lyricisle’s Kiss The Boys June litter and is surprising us by how gentle he plays with the babies. These puppies will start leaving around the first of October
October: October 11/12 - At the Cobequid Dog shows in Truro, N.S., Hunter Lyricisle’s Orion The Hunter at just over 3 months was a “rock star” ... he won BBPIG in hard competition.  Tristan GCh Lyricisle’s Legends Of The Fall picked up another BB and BPIG as well as a Select. We are now down to the 2 “keepers” from Ruby’s  litter ... see our “Hopefuls”  page for these 2 exciting puppies ... “Hansel & Gretel”
Nov/Dec: Our Show Season has ended for the year in the Maritimes. Our “Hopefuls” ... Hansel  Lyricisle’s Pathfinder & Hunter  Lyricisle’s Orion The Hunter are still holding their early promising quality ... were excited about showing these 2 boys at the 2015 show ... Fun Matches for Jan, Feb, & March already marked on our calendar. We have a couple of exciting breeding in the works ... keep checking for more info when pregnancies are confirmed.