The Past    
MBIS MBISS MBPIS GCH Lyricisle’s Kiss Me Kate CD CGN Am Ch Jade Mist Beyond Tradition ROM ROMC x Ch Lyricisle’s Viva Las Vegas CD ROMC Aug 4, 1996 - Dec 22, 2010 From the moment she was born we knew our Katie would be Special. One of a litter of four ... we knew in a second we could never part with her. Katie was the Top Sheltie Puppy in Canada for 1997 ... winning multi BPIS and Group placements, while gaining her Championship as a baby. Her adult career was outstanding, always placing in the top shelties in the country. She was an excellent dam and although she only had two litters, she was able to pass on some of her most sought after qualities to her offspring who have been used in ours and others breeding programs.   Katie was a “Once In A Lifetime Dog” who made our hearts sing.
BIS CH Lyricisle’s Pretty Woman                  Am Ch Ozark Crest City Slicker ROM ROMC x Ch Lyricisle’s Cover Girl 1996 - 2011 Claire was always a favorite and thought by many to be one of our prettiest girls. She was the number 2 sheltie in Canada for 1999 and also the number one female and top sheltie owned by a CSSA member that year. Born in a litter of five ... she showed lots of promise early on and ended up staying with us for her entire life. She had three champion offspring and was lots of fun in the show ring. Claire ... jokingly known as “Shut Up Claire” to our friends, was a wonderful asset to our breeding program and a joy to live with.
CH Pencairn’s Starsong To Rowanglen CD                          Ch Delamantha’s Daybreak x Rowanglen’s Star Dust CD 1982 - 1997 Piper was our foundation bitch, a multi group winner, and champion producer. She appears in almost every Lyricisle pedigree. We owe everything to this gorgeous girl who brought with her and passed on to generation after generation of Lyricisle shelties a legacy of quality. Piper lived her entire life with us and shared our bedroom and our hearts ... Her joy of life was evident every time she was in the back yard running and playing with everyone right up to the end. “we miss you dearly Piper”
MBIS BISS MBPIS CH Lyricisle’s Penny Candy                 Ch Sheldon Banner Boy x Ch Pencairn’s Starsong To Rowanglen CD 1984 - 1996 Penny fulfilled our wildest dreams, becoming our first home bred champion. Winning a Working Group 1st at 8 months, Multi Best In Shows, Herding Group 1st at the 1991 Maritime Spectacular, and a BISS from the Veteran’s class at 8 years of age. Dam of 3 champions including two amazing daughters  Amy and Peaches ... one outstanding in the Show Ring and the other in the Whelping Box. Penny, pictured with three of her beautiful daughters winning a Specialty Brood Bitch Class is included. Penny will always have a special place in our hearts.
MBIS MBISS BPIS CH Lyricisle’s The Sequel                             Ch Lyricisle’s John Cabot x Ch Lyricisle’s Penny Candy 1987 - 2002 Amy  a double Piper granddaughter, was a joy to have in our lives. Her show career was very successful ... winning multi BIS, BPIS, and BISS. She was also the dam of champions. Not only was she a huge presence in the show ring but in our hearts and in our bedroom where she slept and for almost 16 years we had her with us. Her quality and joy of life could only be fully appreciated by watching her in the show ring and in our back yard. You were a sweetie Amy :)
BPIS CH Lyricisle’s John Cabot  Am/Can Ch Rorralore’s Sportin’ Chance CD ROM ROMC x  Ch Pencairn’s Starsong To Rowanglen CD 1986 - 2002 Cabot was a sire of Champions. His quality packed pedigree made it possible for him to pass on wonderful virtues to his offspring. Bred to his half sister Penny, we got Amy and Peaches. Cabot also had a great show career winning BPIS and Multi Group 1st as well as other group placements. We had Cabot for 16 years and he was one of the last surviving Chance sons. He can also be found in most Lyricisle pedigrees.  
MBPIG CH Lyricisle’s Cover Girl Am/Can Ch Winslow Summit Raise A Ruckus x Ch Lyricisle’s Fatal Attraction 1991 - 2005 When Brinkley was born we were captured by her immediately. She had a wonderful puppy career as the judges couldn't resist this adorable puppy and was NBKC Puppy Of The Year in 1991. She was an excellent mother and eventually became “Nanny” to all the new puppies at Lyricisle as well as our grand children. She produced two outstanding daughters Claire and Vegas. In the twilight of her life she continued to look after new babies teaching them all the things a Nanny should.
CH Lyricisle’s Fatal Attraction  Ch Lyricisle’s John Cabot x Ch Lyricisle’s Penny Candy 1987 - 1999 Peaches, Amy's litter sister hated the whole show scene although she finished  her Championship very quickly. Peaches was our producer giving us many beautiful puppies and champions. Through her, most of our dogs are related to Piper, our foundation bitch. A picture of Peaches is included with her dam Penny and her sister, Amy. Peaches had two outstanding daughters… Brinkley and Patti       
BPISS CH Lyricisle’s Peppermint Patti  Am/Can Ch Cimmaron La Quest Marked Card x Ch Lyricisle’s Fatal Attraction 1995 - 2008 Patti was a beautiful puppy ... finishing her Championship with a Group 1st. She is Peaches' last daughter and we were happy with what she brought to our breeding program.  Patti had such a sweet face and temperament that we found a special joy in looking at her every day.
Genson’s Journey To Lyricisle CD  Ch Shelando Top Scotch x Sheldon Genson Smile & Chuckle 1983 - 1995 Journey was one of our first shelties and our daughter Kelly’s constant companion ... Kelly did all the training and put an obedience CD on her. Journey had a great life here and enjoyed everything except the sound of a lawn mower starting ... this would put her into a protective mode in which she felt she must attack and destroy the mower before it got us ...
CH Lyricisle’s Witchy Woman Am/Can Ch Legends Scenario ROM x Ch Lyricisle’s Butterfly Kisses 2001 - 2015 Salem was a valuable asset to our breeding program and a welcome addition to our home. She is Katie's granddaughter ... she finished her Championship while totally out of coat and in the pouring rain ... During her 14 years with us ... she was always an easy friend to have around
MBPIG CH Lyricisle’s Bardot Am/Can Ch Cindahope Trade Mark ROMC x Ch Lyricisle’s Witchy Woman 2004 - 2015 Bridget picked up the best from both her parents and she finished her Championship with wonderful puppy wins, including a Group 4th from the classes and multiple BPIG wins. We all miss you Bridget ...
CH Lyricisle’s Shut Up And Kiss Me Am/Can Ch Legends Gotta Hava Java x Ch Lyricisle’s Pretty Woman 2004 - 2016 Macey was a very special girl... she broke her leg at four months and couldn't be on it at all for 3 weeks. During that time we carried her everywhere and she moved into our hearts forever. She has a beautiful pedigree that proved to be of great benefit to our breeding program. She finished her championship at two with three 4 point BW. She is the Dam of our MBPIS Ch Lyricisle’s Ruby Red Dress and MBPIS Ch Lyricisle’s Street Smart. She was Nanny to all new litters and spent the last several years sleeping at the foot of our bed. Macey’s absence is very hard to get used to ... we are very grateful for having our time with her ...
Macey at 9 yrs of age